Facts and Questions

Will you marry us if we are of different faiths?

Yes, I have performed many inter-faith marriages.

Do you require us to have pre-marital counseling?

No, but I’m happy to discuss any issues you may have.

Where/How do I get my marriage license?

London & Area

City Hall will provide your license which is good for 90 days that is a provincial license good in Ontario only. Fees vary depending on where you get your license.

You will need 2 pieces of ID. One with a picture and other ie. Birth Certificate

Note: No Health Cards are accepted.

If divorced, make sure you have your divorce certificate with the red seal and number.

Can we write our own wedding vows?

I encourage you to write your own vows, but I am happy to provide vows for you.

Can we get married the same day we received our license?

Yes, no waiting period is necessary.

What if I’m divorced outside of Canada? Can I get a marriage license?

The Marriage Act requires that where a former marriage was dissolved or annulled in a jurisdiction other than Canada, an authorization must be obtained from the Ministry of Consumer before a marriage license can be issued.

To obtain the authorization, the following documents must be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar General:

  • A marriage license form fully completed and signed by both parties.
  • An original or court certified copy of the decree of divorce or annulment certified by the proper court officer in the jurisdiction the divorce/annulment was granted. If the decree is in language other than English or French, a certified translation must be provided.
  • A statement of Sole Responsibility for each foreign divorce signed by both applicants.
  • A legal opinion of an Ontario lawyer, addressed to both applicants, giving reasons why the divorce or annulment should be recognized in the Province of Ontario. For specific information regarding the content of the opinion letter, contact the Office of the Registrar General.
  • The above documents must be forwarded (we suggest registered express post) to:OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR GENERAL
    P.O. BOX 4600
    P7B 6L8

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