Wedding Planners                                    Photographers

Twelfth Night Events                                                        Sandbox & Lulupops Photography
Deans Unique Weddings                                                Sugar Snap Photography

Music/DJs                                                      Catering/Bartenders

Guy Miskelly (guitarist)                                                    Sticky Pudding Catering
Second Wind (wind ensemble)                                    Culinary Catering
Encore (string ensemble)                                               Catering by James Meadows
A&M Sounds                                                                         Here’s To You Bartending Service
Music Central
Schwartzentruber Music Services

Tracy Sweet: London Ontario Wedding Harpist

 Bridal Shops                                                Florists

Savvy Bridal Shop                                                              Forest of Flowers                                                                                                    Secret Garden

Wedding Venues

Canada Southern Railway Station in St. Thomas
Windermere Manor
Bellamere Winery & Event Centre
Ivery Spencer Leadership Centre
Civic Gardens
Chapel of Hope – at RMHC (To book chapel, call 519-455-5110)
St. Luke’s in the Garden – at CPRI (To book chapel, call 519-858-2774 x2137)
Purple Hill Country Music Hall
Aroma Restaurant
Museum London

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