Wedding Planners                                    Photographers

Twelfth Night Events                                                        Sandbox & Lulupops Photography
Sugar Snap Photography

Music/DJs                                                      Catering/Bartenders

El Sistema (ensemble)                                                    Sticky Pudding Catering
Second Wind (wind ensemble)                                    Culinary Catering
Guy Miskelly (guitarist)                                                    Catering by James Meadows
A&M Sounds                                                                         Here’s To You Bartending Service
Music Central
Schwartzentruber Music Services
Tracy Sweet (harpist)

 Bridal Shops                                                Florists

Savvy Bridal Shop                                                              Forest of Flowers                                                                                                    Secret Garden

Wedding Venues

Canada Southern Railway Station in St. Thomas
Windermere Manor
Bellamere Winery & Event Centre
Ivery Spencer Leadership Centre
Civic Gardens
Chapel of Hope – at RMHC (To book chapel, call 519-455-5110)
St. Luke’s in the Garden – at CPRI (To book chapel, call 519-858-2774 x2137)
Purple Hill Country Music Hall
Museum London

Call or email today to discuss your wishes and options.